Matt Sweetman


What's That Tag?

What's That Tag? screenshot

What's That Tag? is a little game where you must guess what word was used to tag a collection of images. For each round the game searches Instagram for the latest images tagged with the chosen keyword. Built using Backbone.

Read more about the game, or see the source code:

3D CSS Helix

3D CSS Helix screenshot

3D CSS Helix is an experiment in 3D CSS transforms. Click and drag the helix to slide it back and forth, or swipe it if you're on an iPad. The images are pulled from the 'most popular' feed on Instagram.

See the source code:

Lattice of Love

Lattice of Love screenshot

Lattice of Love is my entry for the 2012 JS1K competition. The aim was to write a piece of javascript for the Canvas object in under 1024 bytes. The heart shape is based on a hypotrochoid - also known as a spirograph. The final size of the code is 813 bytes.

Read more about this experiment, or see the source code:

Tube Proximity

Tube Proximity screenshot

Tube Proximity is a mapping tool that shows the proximity of London tube stations using Google Maps.

Read more about this experiment.