Matt Sweetman



JetStar screenshot

Mobile site for JetStar's flight booking system. Allows customers to book flights, check in, change itinerary and view flight status details. Built as a single-page app using Knockout and Durandal.

Citi Private Bank

Citi Private Bank Outlook screenshot

Web-based "interactive magazine" designed specifically for iPad. Includes interactive charts allowing users to pan and zoom into data. Built as a single-page app using Backbone and D3.


MY ASICS screenshot

MY ASICS is a web app for tracking personal training and fitness. Users create a training plan and track their progress on an interactive calendar. Social integration with Facebook ensures friends are kept up to date. Single-page app built in Backbone.

Mars Infographics

Mars Infographics screenshop

A collection of infographics for Mars outlining the company's performance in ethical and environmental policies. Interactive graphs built in SVG using Raphael.

ITV Triumph

ITV Triumph screenshot

An internal tool for ITV providing guidelines for their pitch process. Built for the iPad and desktop browsers using Backbone.

Flashkana for iPhone

Flashkana screenshot

Flashkana is an iPhone app for learning Japanese kana. Developed as a native app using Objective-C and the XCode toolset. Personal project.

OK Go Shotcast

OK Go Shotcast screenshot

Live performance by OK Go broadcast over the internet. Fans were encouraged to tweet a hashtag that would allow their icon to be used as part of the pixellation filter applied to the video stream. Built using Flash and PixelBender.

Focus Explorer

Focus Explorer screenshot

Interactive touchscreen application used at the marketing launch of the Ford Focus. The app was projected onto a 60" translucent perspex screen covered with a touch-sensitive film. Users were encouraged to explore aspects of the car by moving, expanding and collapsing 3D models and videos.