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Managing nested views in Backbone

Dealing with nested views is an aspect of Backbone that causes more confusion than anything else. It's usually the first problem new users face when trying to build an application, and usually the first thing they'll abstract into some sort of reusable code. Many of these solutions eventually get turned into plugins, which is exactly what I've tried to do with Backbone.Baseview.

The problems

It's worth taking some time to understand the problems associated with managing nested views in Backbone. Even if you don't end up using BaseView then hopefully the following will give you a good idea of how to tackle the problem yourself.

It's extremely easy to unbind DOM events by accident

Watch out for jquery's html(), using it will unbind the events of any attached subviews. This means events inside the subview will cease to work.

initialize: function() {
  this.welcomeView = new WelcomeView();
render: function() {
  // On the second time round this will remove the subview and unbind its events...

  // we need to attach the subview and re-bind events every time
  this.welcomeView.render(); // You may also want to call this, to cascade render

Internally .html() calls .empty() which unbinds events on all child nodes. The solution above simply uses the built-in delegateEvents() to re-bind the events. You can also try temporarily detaching the subview from the DOM while you render.

The order in which you attach/render your subviews can make a difference

Sometimes a subview will size itself proportionally based on the dimensions of it's parent. If the subview isn't attached to the parent at the point you call render then you won't be able to read any meaningful dimensions from it. While not a common problem it's certainly one that's very frustrating if you've ever encountered it. It can be especially tricky if you've perpetuated the problem down a deep view hierarchy.

The following example shows how to fix this:

// Common approach, however the view won't be attached to the parent during render

// Easily fixed by just attaching the view before rendering

Remembering to dispose of your subview references

Clearing up your subview references isn't hard, but it's easy to forget, and if you don't remove all the references then you might run into some memory management issues down the line.

Backbone does a good job of automatically cleaning up events in your views when you call remove() - wouldn't it be nice if it did the same for subviews?

The solution

BaseView attempts to break these issues down into two separate solutions:

  1. Attaching subviews - Solves event binding and the attach-then-render problem
  2. Storing subviews - Solves keeping track of subviews and automatically disposing of them. This is still work in progress, I will make a separate article explaining how it works when it's finished.

Attaching subviews

BaseView provides several methods to help you attach views to the DOM:

Internally each of these functions also re-delegates events and ensures the view is attached before it's rendered. This solves two of the previously discussed problems.

Here's an example of their usage:

var SiteView = Backbone.BaseView.extend({
  initialize: function() {
    // WelcomeView is a subclass of BaseView
    this.welcomeView = new WelcomeView();
  template: function() {
    return '<h1>My Site</h1><div class=".container"></div>';
  afterRender: function() {
    // Attach the subview to the container div, this will also render it

var siteView = new SiteView();
siteView.appendTo('body'); // Also use appendTo to attach and render the top-most view

Note: You should try to use appendTo() for every view, even the top-most one. This ensures you're taking advantage of the attach-then-render functionality for the entire view hierarchy.

It's worth mentioning that these methods don't store any subview references, you'll still be responsible for keeping track and disposing of them manually.

These methods are designed to maintain consistency with the Backbone API. As you may know Backbone already provides remove(), which is a wrapper around this.$el.remove() that also performs some additional tasks (such as cleaning up events). BaseView simply adds wrappers around other jquery methods (eg: appendTo) and performs it's own tasks.

The plugin is available on github at