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Flashkana for iPhone

Flashkana screenshot

Flashkana is now available on the App Store for iPhone. This is the iOS version of my original Android app.

After finishing the Android version I spent some time trying to figure out the best way of porting the app to iOS. Eventually I decided to write it from scratch using the native toolset. I was keen on learning Objective-C and I knew using Cocoa-Touch for the UI would give me the best performance.

My late arrival to iOS development has given the framework plenty of time to mature. Building apps is quite an effortless process, the XCode toolset is rich and powerful, documentation is detailed, and community support is plentiful. It took a fraction of the time to develop compared to the Android version. It was obvious that the Android framework was still finding it's feet when I started. I remember I had to write a custom component to achieve the card-swiping mechanism. In iOS the UIScrollView gave me exactly what I needed, right out of the box, instantly solving a large chunk of the build. (It's worth noting the same type of component is now available in Android and the framework and tooling has undoubtably improved a lot since).

The app is free, so head over to the App Store to check it out.