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What's That Tag?

What's That Tag? screenshot

What's That Tag? is a small game I've been working on recently. The aim is to guess what word has been used to tag a collection of images. The images have originally been tagged by users on Instagram and the game uses it's API to search and retrieve relevant photos. For each round it takes six images and shows them to you one-by-one till you correctly guess the tag that was used to conduct the original search. Bonus points are awarded for each un-shown image!

The game was built using Backbone, Underscore and jQuery. It uses CSS 3D transitions for the image flipping animation, so you'll need a modern browser in order to play it. It also works on iPad, although because the keyboard needs to be visible it's best played in portrait.

After testing it for a few days I've found the quality of tagging on Instagram pretty dubious, which can make the game quite difficult. I've adjusted the search terms to try and return more obvious images but it can still be pretty tricky. Good luck!