Matt Sweetman


  1. New version of dummy-json

    Updates to the dummy-json library

  2. Indeterminate checkboxes in React

    How to create indeterminate checkboxes in React

  3. Thoughts on architecting a large Angular app

    Some thoughts on how to architect a large Angular app

  4. Indeterminate checkboxes in Angular

    How to create indeterminate checkbox components in Angular

  5. Creating mock JSON data with dummy-json

    Quick example of how to use the dummy-json node module

  6. Using the new RequireJS bundles feature

    When and how to use the new RequireJS bundles feature

  7. New website built with Haggerston

    How I built my new site with Haggerston and Grunt

  8. Managing nested views in Backbone

    Tips on how best to manage nested views in Backbone

  9. Flashkana for iPhone

    iPhone version of my original Android app

  10. What's That Tag?

    Image tag guessing game using photos from Instagram

  11. Base class for Backbone

    A simple constructor function to help create Backbone-like classes

  12. Javascript 1K demo

    My submission for the 2012 JS1K competition

  13. How JavaScript constructors work

    A guide to constructor functions and prototype chains

  14. Threshold filter in Canvas

    Using a threshold filter to help visualise proximity

  15. Tube station proximity map

    Visualising the distance from tube stations in Google Maps

  16. Flashkana for Android

    Android app for learning Japanese kana

  17. An experiment in Processing.js

    Playing with Canvas using the Processing.js library

  18. Flash and Canvas

    Comparing Flash and the HTML5 Canvas object

  19. Modulo and the negative divisor

    How the modulo operator works differently in other languages